vBeers – Krakow, Poland (Wed, 18th December, 2013)

10335838-poland-flag-in-a-buttonvBeers-Krakow-Poland-April-2013.jpgJoin the family at "Omerta Pub & more…" in Krakow – there you’ll be able to try 30 drafty beers, including 4 from beer pump :)

Location: Omerta Pub & more…
Address: Krakow, Kazimierz, ul. Kupa 3
Date: 18.12.2013
Time: 20:00 (08:00 PM)

Good beer and a great company. Come get to know your folks in the Krakow area, and enjoy some good atmosphere! Feel invited!

If You need some assistance find me on twitter – @maciejlelusz.

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