vBeers CoastersHere’s a bit of fun for all you vBeers organisers and attendees.  Over the past couple of years vBeers has gone from strength to strength, with vBeers gatherings being organised regularly the world over.  The purpose of vBeers is to bring together like-minded individuals working with virtualization and IT technologies to meet, discuss and make new contacts and friends in a relaxed “outside of work” environment, and free from vendor sales pressure.  What better place than a bar, pub, bbq or restaurant, whilst sipping your drink of choice (beer, wine, soft-drink, etc) and whilst eating with a few snacks.  It’s all about the vCommunity!

In the interests of doing something fun and continuing with the theme of giving something back to the vCommunity I have designed and had created some unique vBeers.org beer coasters.

Whilst at the London VMUG vBeers in mid-2012 a handful of fellow virtualization and storage bloggers expressed their interest in being involved.  So what better way than by having them join in with spreading the vBeers Coaster love, and kindly contributing towards the cost of having the vBeers Coasters created.  As you can see from the picture below, there is the vBeers logo on the front and on the rear of the coaster the logos of the bloggers who contributed towards the cost of having them created and sending these coasters out to the vBeers masses.

vBeers Beer Mats

I’m not sure how popular these vBeers coasters will be, though I personally think they’re pretty nifty and if nothing else are a bit of fun. They are also a good way of identifying other attending vGeeks in a crowd at a vBeers event – great to those first timers.

I have kicked things off by having 500 coasters created – which makes them a highly collectable vGeek item.Winking smile

Though if they prove popular I will have more created and open up the opportunity to other bloggers to have their blog’s logo emblazoned on the back of the vBeers coaster. I am considering doing some seasonable vBeers coasters as well so you can mix up your coasters to match the time of the year/season. Collect them, trade them with you friends…  or you could even put your beer/wine/soft drink (delete where applicable) glass on them – imagine that!

How Do I Get My Hands On Them?

If you arrange regular vBeers events and fancy some vBeers coasters to spice-up your next vBeers event(s) then get in touch with me (simon at techhead do co dot uk), letting me know where in the world you run your vBeers event and the address to send the vBeers coasters.  Depending on where you live there may be a small charge to cover postage.

Anyway, I hope you like them and find them as much fun as I had designing them.Smile

Acknowledgement: Thanks, to Jane, Simon, Alaric and the London VMUG team, as after seeing their London VMUG coasters finally spurred me into action to designing one for vBeers after a number of months of just thinking about it.