Australia vBeers

Melbourne VMUG invites you to join us for a social catchup between the regular Melbourne VMUG meetings.

Meet local industry personalities and your fellow VMUG’ers and talk virtualisation, hardware, what you did on the weekend or what you’re going to do with all that holiday time away from the office. (you get time away from the office right?)

Bring your wallet as this is a non sponsored social event but we may have a few Pluralsight or Crashplan subscriptions in our stash to give away.


Got some ideas on what you want MVUG to do or how you can help?beer-deluxe-fed-square

We’d love to see you and chat to you at vBeers.


Location: Beer DeLuxe

Address: Federation Square, Flinders Street  side
Date: 17th September 2015
Time: 6pm until you pick the time

Checkout the Melbourne workspace where you’ll find previous meetings slide decks and other content.

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