vBeers Toronto Canda September 2016Hey Everyone,

This is the first official vBeers in Toronto for IT vPros, Service owners and Managers that are focused on Application and Desktop virtualization. A number of us from TD, CIBC, IBM and other businesses unofficially get together a few times a year and I decided to open this up to the community at large. Currently this is not a vendor funded event and is more of a social and networking event. Down the road I am going to try and get us sponsorship for these events. Please share with your colleagues that are interested in networking with other IT vPros, Service owners and Managers in Toronto. I am aiming to make this a Quarterly or Bi-Annual event depending on the level of interest.


Location: Duke of Devon http://dukepubs.ca/devon/

66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5K 1H1


Date: September 8th 2016
Time: 3 pm

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