What is vBeers?  vBeers was created to provide an opportunity for virtualization enthusiasts and professionals to meet and enjoy discussing all things virtualization and anything else in the world of tech.  We recognised that there was often a long delay in meeting up with our fellow vGeeks and also in meeting new people in the industry, with this only ever seeming to happen during conferences or after virtualization user groups. 

vBeers – the origins:  The storage community in the UK were already having occasional informal meet ups (Storage Beers) arranged by Martin Glassborow at a pub in Central London.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a virtualization related meet up and to also have a term or phrase to help promote these regular or impromptu virtualization related meet ups?  From this simple idea, the term vBeers was created and the first vBeers gathering planned. 

Come & Chat with your fellow vGeeks

It’s all about the community:  vBeers was created as a non-commercial event and is intended as something for the virtualization community by the virtualization community.  Despite the reference to beer in the name vBeers isn’t about just drinking beer but in fact encompasses all beverages alcoholic or non-alcoholic, it really doesn’t matter as the focus of vBeers is all about the socialising, meeting others and having a good conversation or two in a pleasant social setting.   

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All Hypervisors & Tech catered for:  vBeers meet ups are in no way intended to be exclusive to a particular virtualization hypervisor vendor or technology and as such is open to everyone, so whether you are a VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer user/fan or none of the above it really doesn’t matter as “it’s all about the virtualization and the tech”.

Vendors & the risk of fud: imageAs with any such event there is the possibility that from time to time a vendor may want to sponsor or put their credit card behind the bar.  Of course there is nothing directly up with this as long as the vendor doesn’t then see this as an opportunity to pitch their products and/or services or collect contact details (eg: business cards) from the attendees.  IMPORTANT:  Vendors please remember that this is a community event that people are attending in their own time to meet and talk with their peers in a social setting.  Leave your sales and vendor fud hats at the door – thanks.  Look out for the ‘Vendor Sponsored’ stamp (to the right) that we will add to any known vendor sponsored vBeer event postings just to make you aware.  

vBeers – popularity:  The term ‘vBeers’ has really become popular amongst those involved in the virtualization industry and you can now find regular and impromptu vBeers meet-ups happening right across the world, from the UK to Italy to Australia and the US.  The use of the #vBeers hash tag on Twitter has also proven popular and a good way, of course along with this site, to see whether anyone is planning a vBeers meet up in your area.

vBeers.org – bringing it all together:  This vBeers.org site was constructed to provide a centralised location where you can find out about any vBeers events as well as a promoting any vBeers you may have organised.  We will continue to add and improve the vBeers.org site over time and would appreciate feedback on how to improve the site.

We hope you enjoy attending or arranging your own vBeers and also find this site of use.


Simon & Simon

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