Organise your own vBeers EventNo vBeers event in your area?

We often get people asking us what do they need to hold a vBeers. They are pretty surprised when we give them answer.

Below is all you need to hold a vBeers in your town/city.

  • Yourself and a friend (drinking on your own & talking to yourself can be dull)
  • A pub/bar that sells good beer, soft drinks and tasty snacks.

That’s it. Seriously, that’s it. vBeers isn’t like other events which require organizing. It’s all about meeting others, sharing a beer and talking virtualization(and often other technologies).

Other vBeers tips we recommend you should consider:

  • Make sure the pub/bar is in a good central location, close to good transport links. This will allow people from other areas to join you for a vBeer.
  • If you plan on making your vBeers a regular event, try and make it the same time, week/month/bi-monthly etc And the same place so people will find it easier to remember.
  • Create an account on, so you can advertise your vBeers to help other people find your events. Your events will also be tweeted by our @vBeers_org Twitter account.
  • Take photos at your vBeers and ask myself or Simon to upload them to so others can see what they are missing out on.
  • FUD FreevBeers are intended as being vendor free zones and as such shouldn’t be used by vendors to promote their products and talk FUD to the attendees.  It’s about like-minded individuals meeting in a relaxed social environment to talk about virtualization and tech.  Vendor employees of course can attend though just leave your sales and marketing hats at the door.  Smile

How to arrange your own vBeers:

Why not arrange your very own regular or one off vBeers event with like minded vGeeks? Simply follow these five easy steps to create and submit your own vBeers event!

Step #1: 

Register yourself on the site, or if you have already registered ‘Login’.

Step 1 - vBeers register or login

Step #2:

Once you have logged in to you will be presented with the ‘Dashboard’.

Step 2 - vBeers Dashboard

Step #3:

Now click on “Posts” and then “Add New” from the menu that can be found on the left hand side of the “Dashboard”.

Step 3 - vBeers Add New Post

Step #4:

You will now see a pre-populated “New Post”, which provides easy to follow instructions on how to fill out your post.  If you’re not sure on anything then complete as much as you can and submit the post for review – we will take it from there.  Though make sure you have included all the important information such as when and where your vBeers will be held.

Step 4 - New Post Details

Step #5:

Once you’re happy with your post then click the “Submit for Review” button.

Step 5 - vBeers Submit for Review

That’s it!  It couldn’t be simpler…

One of us (Simon S or Simon L) will then be automatically notified that your post is ready and we will review it to ensure the formatting, etc is correct before publishing it for the world to see on and also promoting it via Twitter.

Use your login account to create future vBeers events.


Good luck and have fun at your vBeers catching up, networking and meeting new fellow vGeeks !