How to organize a vBeers event

Would you like to attend a vBeers meetup in your area, though there currently aren’t any? Perhaps it’s not possible or practical to meet-up in person due to Covid restrictions, don’t let that stop you.

Organizing your own in-person or virtual vBeers meetup is easy!

I often have people ask what do they need to hold a vBeers event and are pretty surprised when I give the answer…. “very little!”

Below is all you need to hold a vBeers meetup in your town, city or virtually online.

  • Yourself and a fellow techie (drinking on your own & talking to yourself can be dull).
  • In-person meet-up: a venue that sells good drinks (eg: beer, wine and soft drinks) and tasty snacks.
  • Virtual meet-up: an internet connected device.

That’s it… seriously, that’s it!

vBeers isn’t like other events which require extensive planning and organization. vBeers being a community-driven, casual, fun meetup event is in its DNA. It’s where you can meet others, make friends, network, share a drink (and perhaps some food) and talk tech and compare notes on things you’ve experienced during your time in the IT industry. From personal experience, I have met many fantastic people and made long-lasting friendships by attending vBeers meetups.

So why not arrange your very own regular or one-off vBeers meetup with like-minded vGeeks? Here are 5 useful tips to consider when planning your own vBeers event:

Top 5 Planning Tips

  1. Accessibility: Make sure the venue you choose to meet at is in an easily accessible location, close to good transport links and has adequate parking for those traveling by car. This will allow people to more easily join you for a vBeer.
  2. Regular schedule: If you plan on making your vBeers a regular meetup, try and make it the same time, week/month/bi-monthly etc. which will make it easier for people to schedule and remember when your vBeers event is occurring.
  3. Share the fun: Share the fun times had at your vBeers event by taking some photos and showing others what they are missing out on. Send me your photos as attachments via the ‘Contact Us’ page and when I have enough of them, I will create and add them to a vBeers events photo gallery.
  4. FUD free zone: vBeers meetups are intended as vendor free zones and as such shouldn’t be used by vendors to promote their products to the attendees.  It’s intended as a community event about like-minded individuals meeting in a relaxed social environment to talk about IT and tech.  Vendor employees of course can attend though just leave your sales and marketing hats at the door.  Smile
  5. Promote your vBeers meetup event: Your vBeers events when submitted via the ‘Submit vBeers Event’ page will also be tweeted by out @vBeers_org twitter account. Also, consider leveraging your own social media mojo to help get the word out about your vBeers meetup, to drive awareness to potential attendees.

To do so couldn’t be easier, just drop us a line using the online vBeers submission wizard, with the details including the date, time and location and we’ll get them added to the site where others will see what you’ve arranged.  It will also be promoted to the masses via Twitter.